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That being said, iClone www. If using tools like Maya and 3ds Max are like growing your own food and making your own bread, then using iClone is like walking into your kitchen and making a sandwich from ready-made ingredients. Setting up scenes and animating characters is a blast, but how do you acquire custom characters, motions, and props for iClone without modeling? The first step of acquiring custom characters for use in iClone is to simply use iClone itself to create them. You can map yours or anyone's face photos to a character's head and customize the dimensions of the face.

This is not modeling, this is fun. But perhaps you need a character that can't be easily modeled within iClone? First off, hit the Reallusion Marketplace and browse through hundreds of characters designed by the Reallusion community. These designers have created lots of new characters for re-use, usually costing only a few dollars apiece.

Clothing is also available for most human characters at similarly low prices. And there are hundreds of freebies available. OK, maybe you still can't find the character you need. Since iClone allows FBX characters to be imported using the 3DXchange program, there are other ways to acquire custom characters while avoiding any serious modeling.

Mike's Freebie 3D Download Page

My favorite online character resource is www. This site has lots of pre-rigged FBX characters for almost any gaming or animation engine. Another freemium option for creating game characters is DAZ Studio, which can be downloaded free on the company website www. I used DAZ to create a character that was difficult to model in iClone because of his body proportions. I had never used DAZ before, but it didn't take long to arrive at a reasonable starting point for my character. Once the character was modeled in DAZ, I imported him into iClone and then made further adjustments to his skin, gave him wings and horns, and attached particle effects to various parts of his body.

I even textured his skin with animated video clips of fire and embers. Once again, visit the Reallusion Marketplace to find hundreds of inexpensive or free props made by the community.

The Path to iClone

If you can't find what you want there, try SketchUp 3D Warehouse. This site hosts thousands upon thousands of free community-made SketchUp models ranging from furniture to weapons to vehicles. Use Reallusion's 3Dxchange to convert them to iClone-usable props. Once they've been brought into iClone, you may have further texture customization options.

Start reading iClone 4. Don't have a Kindle? Packt Publishing Limited 24 October Language: Be the first to review this item Amazon Bestsellers Rank: Share your thoughts with other customers.

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Write a product review. Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. If there were ever a time to resist judging a book by its cover, the moment you encounter MD McCallum's mis-named "iClone 4. The most important thing to say is that Packt Publishing was evidently constrained to keep the same book title even after its momentous decision to cover the new Version 5 of iClone. So, to be perfectly clear: On a far more trivial--but far more perplexing--level, the cover of this guide to the planet's most user-friendly 3D animation program is decorated with a macro view of some unknown flower: In my opinion, McCallum's achievement is further undermined by the book's rough paper stock--yet another mystery, given the book's premium price.

Not only does this cheapen the feel of the book, it degrades the fidelity of the book's many black and white pictures--even beyond the fuzziness caused by the poor attention given to their brightness and contrast.

We won't even mention the additional dreariness added by a nondescript sans-serif body font. I bring these issues up specifically to prevent them from giving you the wrong impression: If you are getting started with iClone, this is the book you have been dreaming of: Now, one thing you can judge accurately from the cover: It really assumes you know nothing about the program and enables you to master the basics. In general, the longer you have been using iClone, the less value you'll find in this book.

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On the other hand, even an intermediate user can still learn from McAllum's insights as a longtime industry professional in computer graphics and an iClone developer, especially since the technical editor was heavy-hitter Guy Langlois. This is all the more true because Packt and McCallum made the difficult, courageous, but ultimately inevitable, decision to expand the book to cover the new features of iClone 5. One of the things I like about this book is that McCallum tries to dispel some of the most self-defeating habits of newcomers, such as their fatal attraction to the idea that they can produce an entire animated short inside a single iClone project, without even breaking up their work across many projects, not to mention without using a video editor to cut and assemble their scenes.

This inexplicable mindset is so common and so hopeless that I just wish Mike had addressed it even more thoroughly. All things considered, Packt was very smart to be the first publisher to address so many years of a crying need for a beginner's guide to iClone, and, leaving aside the sad packaging mistakes, has essentially given us instruction worthy of iClone's brilliance.

Based upon my perception of the size and growth rate of the iClone community, the book ought to sell like hotcakes.

Product description

And then I'd like to get an offer to trade in this unattractive edition for a new edition printed with dignified type on quality paper, and illustrated with legible screenshots. This is well worth buying and I haven't even finished it yet. The only problem I've been having is this was written with version 4 in mind and I have version 5.

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There are some small differences in the way the menus are laid out on the screen in version 5 which aren't addressed in the book. I'v had to spend some time trying to figure out what the author wanted me to do in an exercise simply because I had to interpret what I was to do because my menu choice looked different or was in a different place in Iclone 5. I definitely recommend this book, especially the Kindle version which I have since it was a lot less money.

iClone 5 Pro & anymation | r e a l . t i m e = p l a y . t i m e

It's also given me some invaluable instruction and saved me time trying to figure out Iclone. Just prepared for some minor differences if you have version 5 of Iclone. If you are looking at this page then you are probably just becoming acquainted with iClone and you're wondering whether this book can really help you. Don't let the title fool you. As of this writing iClone 5 is the current version and this book has been updated to include features specific to that version. Most of the basics haven't changed much or at all, so with all that taken into account, this is still a very relevant book.

Free iClone models

Another question is that, with all the free videos and wiki articles out there, is it worth it to buy a guide. Can't you just find out everything to know about iClone on your own? The answer is that you probably can; however, it will take you several extra hours of hunting down your specific questions and when things don't come out quite like you expected, more hours of trying to figure out why.

This book cuts through all of that, laying everything out in an orderly system that takes you through all you need to know to get you started with texturing, set building, lighting, using canned animations, key framing, getting great effects with low polygon count, and so on.