Love coupon book diy

Get creative and have fun! But I do recommend using a cardstock paper so it is a little bit more durable. All you need to do is download the book using the link above and cut them out.

44 Valentine’s Love Coupon Ideas That Are Awesomely Cheesy

Then punch some holes in the end and time some ribbon through it to make it into an adorable book. A gift that your significant other will love! I love finding something I must have and creating it my way with my own flair. And even more, I love doing it for cheap.

Printable love coupon book

And by cheap I mean free… or as close to it as I can get. Your email address will not be published. Did you make this recipe? Rate it: You can download it here: Hey there! Really cute printables. Thanks for the freebies!

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Short on time? Skip to content Leave a Review. Printable love coupon book The hubby and I love to go on dates but we often have a hard time deciding what to do. Did You Make This? Pin Step 5 Embellish your cover with a multi-layered flower. You can cut out the petals yourself or purchase a pre-made sticker.

Either way, we recommend adding a few hearts, some rhinestones and plenty of glitter to jazz it up. Step 1 Create your coupon pages in the same manner that you created your cover. Step 2 Embellish your pages with cardstock cutouts that relate to the theme of each coupon.

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For our Dessert Coupon, we cut a three-tiered layer cake shape out of cream colored cardstock then embellished it with flower petals also cut from cardstock, rhinestones and fake pearls. Add a running stitch to the bottom to simulate frosting or a row of heart-shaped glitter stickers, or both! Step 3 Write an explanation on each coupon such as "This coupon entitles you to a romantic and relaxing bubble bath" or "Your wish is my command!

With this coupon I will grant 3 of your wishes but don't blow them all at once! Step 1 Punch two holes through the left edge of each coupon. We recommend using an additional sheet of cardstock to create a back cover as well. Step 2 Before punching holes through the cover of your booklet, cut a piece of cardstock measuring 2" x 4".

Glue the piece to the left edge of your cover so that approximately one inch extends to the left side of the page to create your binding.

15 Sets of Free Printable Love Coupons and Templates

Punch two holes through both the cover and the binding, then punch two additional holes through the binding on the opposite edge. Glue the opposite edge to the back cover, lining up the holes in the binding and the back cover. Step 3 Close your booklet and sandwich your coupon pages between the front and back covers. The holes should line up through each layer. Step 4 Cut a piece of ribbon that's about 18" long.

Thread each end through one of the holes then tie a bow. Alternatively, you can use two pieces of ribbon and thread a loop through each of the two holes individually.

Step 5 Wrap your booklet in tissue paper or a colorful envelope, then present it to your sweetheart for their birthday or an upcoming holiday. They'll be touched by your thoughtfulness and you won't have to brave the mall.